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maternal great aunt with her baby

maternal great grandmother with some of her babies

paternal grandmother

paternal great-grandmother with her wagon, horse, and gun

paternal grandmother

maternal grandmother in front with great aunt in back

Victorian Era Treasures

Free Victorian Graphics

Lynn's Victorian Treasures offers free Victorian graphics by way of a personal collection of old postcards, photographs, magazines, and books. Innately Gray is also a source for Victorian treasure shopping, Victorian history, and bits and pieces of genealogy uncovered during photograph and postcard hunts.

About the Graphics

All images contained within the website and attached blog are from a personal collection of old magazines, books, photographs, and postcards. It is believed that all images are currently in the public domain and not currently copyrighted. If you see any item that is copyrighted and should not be in use on this website, please notify us so that we may remove it. These graphics are for personal use only and not to be sold in a collection of any kind.

About the Name Innately Gray

There's a little gray in everything. Even the happiest of times must end. I try to see the glass half full instead of half empty, but it certainly takes effort. My mood tends to be a bit gray at times -- I was born that way, and thus the name Innately Gray. The Victorians polished things up, adding frills and ribbons and bright decor to everyday life. I make an effort to do the same. It helps to chase the gray away.

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The above book was published in 1898. Before it completely falls apart, the pages have been scanned so that you may enjoy the book too! Just click on the book cover.

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One of my favorite magazines of all time.

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